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Much discussion has been devoted to the subject of bed bugs for the past several years. This has brought to surface a sense of awareness, albeit a vague one, of the existence and fears of bed bug invasions. This bit of knowledge of the pesky bed bug is usually limited to bare, basic facts. Number one, they feed on humans while they are sleeping, causing itchy red bumps. Secondly, they are extremely hard to eradicate.

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The harsh winter experienced in much of the United States has certainly taken its toll on businesses. Many additional expenses and hardships have been created from excessive snowfall, frigid temperatures, strong winds and flooding. Ice dams on the roofs of your business can cause water leaks and create damage to walls, ceilings, flooring, insulation and drywall. This moisture trapped in walls and ceilings can be a great attractant to termites and ants. Another potential source of moisture to fight against is flooding around buildings and under crawlspaces due to all the melting snow and spring rains. It is also advisable to inspect for frozen pipes from frigid temperatures as well as any roof damage from strong winds or heavy snow loads.

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Bed bugs have earned their name from feeding on humans while they are sleeping in their beds. However, they have also been referred to as red coates, mahogany flats and wall-lice. These pesky creatures have been around for thousands of years and are found in all 50 states in America and throughout the world. They first landed in the United States with the help of early colonists and thrived and multiplied for many decades. With the help of new pest management products during the 1950’s, bed bugs were drastically reduced to very small numbers.

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