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Of the many factors that can threaten the success and reputation of a company, one of the greatest threats is for a facility to experience a serious pest infestation. 

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Among the many traits and characteristics for which bed bugs are noted, being nocturnal and very elusive tops the list. This uncanny attribute often creates havoc with business owners and even presents challenges to some pest management specialists. There are times a business owner will suspect bed bugs are present within the facility, yet no live bugs or eggs have been found or properly identified. Other facilities, such as large hotels and motels, will need thorough inspections of the entire building or buildings to identify every infected room.

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Almost anyone can treat bed bugs, but not everyone can provide the proper pest management needed to strengthen the relationship between the pest management company and the business customer. The display of integrity and honesty must be present at the onset when determining whether aggressive treatment is necessary or simply a need to administer ongoing preventive measures. Business owners are sure to be able to count on the integrity of their Copesan pest management professional.

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