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Stored product pests are capable of causing great financial losses once a facility becomes infested. Infestations will cause contamination of product, mold and unpleasant odors, all of which make the food product unfit for human consumption. Additionally, commercial grain buyers will refuse to accept delivery of the product if it is discovered the grain has been contaminated.

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The Indianmeal moth is considered to be the most common pest inhabiting kitchens, food processing plants, restaurants, warehouses and any other location where food products are stored. These moths are often referred to as pantry pests as they feed on all types of grain, cereals, cornmeal, powdered milk, flour, dried fruits, chocolate, nuts and dry pet food.

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Of the many factors that can threaten the success and reputation of a company, one of the greatest threats is for a facility to experience a serious pest infestation. 

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