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Clever Bird


Where are you in your opinion of pest birds? Do those pigeons, sparrows, grackles, starlings and other pest birds still amuse you or fill you with wonder? Or have you dealt with their droppings long enough? It is easy sometimes to forget how damaging these birds can be, especially when they do amazing things, like learn how to fly in a specific way to set off the motion detectors on your loading docks and let themselves in through the automatic doors. These birds can be talented and clever. But bird pests can turn from clever to unacceptable in a short amount of time. When you get an electric bill for the opening and closing bay door, those birds won't look so cute. Here are a few other ways pest birds can impact your business.

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Copesan Services, Inc., national commercial pest management provider, is pleased to announce that Deni Naumann, President, has been named to the Board of Directors for AIB International – Certification Services, a national leader in third-party audit certification services and food safety education.

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When Is Spring?


The evidence of spring comes in many forms. Though we recognize March 20, or the spring equinox, as the end of winter and the beginning of spring, it is the increase in daylight and warmer temperatures that convince us winter is truly over. Pests don't wait for a day on the calendar to decide it is spring either. They respond to the change in temperatures as well. But those temperature changes are different, depending on where you live.

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