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Copesan’s full-service pest management programs provide maximum brand protection. Our success as a trusted pest management solutions provider in a number of different industry segments has resulted in programs designed to meet and exceed the specific needs of many different businesses.

Copesan’s CARE programs are dedicated to protecting your reputation and environment through an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process that ensures Consistency, Accountability, Responsiveness and Effectiveness.

This commitment to excellence allows us to provide a value-added program that minimizes concerns and delivers the lowest total overall cost.

Each of our market-specific programs below provides a solid pest management foundation that can be adapted and customized to meet your unique needs:

  • Food Processing
  • Food Distribution
  • Meets and exceed all third-party audit and regulatory standards
With more than 50 years of experience protecting food environments, Copesan has developed our sophisticated Signature Care® program as a comprehensive solution to your pest management needs.
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  • Retail Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Fully customizable, easy to adapt to align with your business goals
Pest infestations and the damage they cause to products, buildings, and brands cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Get the commercial pest protection that fits your unique needs.
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  • Foodservice Industry
  • Ultimate brand protection
  • Targeted to the most troublesome pest in the industry
Copesan understands the extremely high pest management standards set in the foodservice industry, and has significant experience working with key foodservice players across the country, both corporate and franchisees.
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  • Hospitality Industry
  • Optional Fly and Bed Bug Programs
  • Meets and exceeds the high standards of the industry

Our Total Guest Care program is designed to consistently deliver exceptional pest protection across all your properties, ensuring that your guests experience safe, pest-free lodging and dining experiences.

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  • Healthcare facilities
  • Appropriate for highly sensitive environments
  • Meets and exceeds all standards for medical facilities
Copesan has been a trusted pest management service provider to the health care industry since 1958. Our trained IPM Service Specialists provide exceptional pest management solutions to the highly sensitive environments of health care facilities.
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