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Signature Care Pest Management Program for Food Processing

With more than 50 years of experience protecting food environments, Copesan understands that effective and efficient commercial pest management is critical to the success of your business. We have developed our sophisticated Signature Care program to be a comprehensive solution for your commercial pest management needs.

pest control in food processing plants

Enhanced Inspection

Thorough investigation uncovers difficult-to-find, pest conducive conditions that go beyond checking traps.

strategic protection from pest vulnerable zones

Strategic Protection

Increased inspection times for high risk, zero pest tolerance areas identified as Pest Vulnerable Zones (PVZs), maximizing your protection, and providing pest trending that allows us to predict potential pest pressures.

pest control in the food industry

Immediate Escalation, Fast Resolution

When activity exceeds acceptable limits, e-alerts notify you and Copesan right away and trigger a prepared corrective action plan automatically.

we offer real time electronic documentation

Real-Time Electronic Documentation

Track the completion of action plans and verify program compliance with food safety initiatives anytime, anywhere via our cutting edge, proprietary RapidTrax® electronic recording and reporting system.

pest control customized reporting and analysis

Customized Reporting, Trending and Analysis

Sophisticated reporting and analysis of pest trends for a proactive approach to prevent pest problems.

we have more than 100 degreed professionals throughout the country

Complete Confidence

Food safety-certified technicians supported by a network of more than 100 degreed technical professionals across the country, local experts who understand your specific pest pressures.

Signature Care Organic

Special products have special needs. Through intelligent, detailed documentation, personal support, clear protocols and proactive advanced preparation, Signature Care is designed to deliver pest management service to all types of facilities – including those certified for organic products.

For more information about our Signature Care commercial pest management program, please contact us today.