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21 12, 2015

Keeping Rodents Out This Winter

Rodentologists and other pest experts across the country speculate that rat populations are higher now than they have been at any point in the past decade. Rats are not just a nuisance, they are a serious threat to business owners. And, with winter right around the corner, these pests are on their way into your [...]

13 11, 2015

No Fly Zone: Birds Damage Property and Create Real Health Risks

CASE STORY: Believe it or not, the  single, most famous problem ever solved at the Washington Monument involved the removal of pigeon droppings! An abundance of bird droppings were creating an unsightly, unpleasant experience for tourists, costing thousands in frequent chemical cleanup which subsequently led to building corrosion due to the harsh nature of the [...]

1 09, 2015

Rodent Outbreaks Across the Country

Rodentologists and other pest experts across the country now speculate that rat populations are higher now than they have been at any point in the past decade. Rats are not just a nuisance, they are a serious threat to business owners. Just one Norway or roof rat can produce anywhere from 30 to 180 pellets [...]

15 08, 2015

August Is Fly Month With Copesan

This is a busy time of year for the green bottle fly, the house fly and cluster flies. In fact, it is so busy, August has been unofficially named National Fly Month. If you haven't yet heard the buzz on what works to prevent these pests from spreading illness in your business, kitchen or facility, [...]

30 07, 2015

FDA Rules And Interpretation

Occasionally, someone asks about a change in some food safety standard or law. They say they didn’t know about this “new” requirement until an auditor or government inspector told them they were out of compliance. Usually, after some investigation, it’s found the requirement isn’t clearly stated anywhere, meaning it’s another case of differing interpretations of [...]

25 07, 2015

The Connection Between Food Safety And Pests

There is a trend occurring in the United States, and it has many faces. It may look like the organic section at the local supermarket or it may look like a natural food store. It looks like a new candy bar made from crickets or milk-less cheese products. Everywhere you look specialty foods are a [...]

21 07, 2015

[Tech Talk] The Responsibility of the Field Trainer

Training programs for new service specialists in the pest management industry are different for each company, but usually involve some combination of classroom instruction, online learning, and/or reading and evaluation of company service protocols. Although these components vary, it is common practice to have new service specialists ride along with an experienced, high-performing field technician [...]

20 07, 2015

New Research May Extend The Life of ILT Bulbs

Insect light traps (ILTs) are the primary deterrent used to keep flies and other flying insects from spreading harmful bacteria in restaurants, supermarkets, and other commercial establishments. They are a great alternative to pesticides and a significant contribution to public health. But the bulbs in these units can be costly over time. But, researchers at [...]

2 07, 2015

Neonicotinoids and Pollinator Health: The Copesan Perspective

As a provider of commercial pest management services across North America, Copesan is dedicated to educating our clients, providing a common sense interpretation of pest-related issues, associated laws and their application to everyday pest management in their facilities. POLLINATOR HEALTH CONCERNS: In the last few years, concerns about reductions in the populations of honey bee [...]

23 06, 2015

Don’t Lose Business Because Of Roaches

Cockroaches are known for their creepy, nasty appearance and are despised and feared by business owners. Commercial establishments cannot afford to allow an infestation of cockroaches in or around their buildings. Cockroaches can survive on almost any type of food from rotten garbage in dumpsters to edible human food on countertops. They have a real [...]