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25 07, 2017

Tech Talk – Working with Customers to Alleviate Stored Product Pests

By Jay Everitt, ACE Let me tell you a story about a “dog treat company” that has been a customer of ours for about 10 years. This dog treat company makes its treats using a process that starts with a meat/cheese-based product which is produced by another vendor, then packaged at our customer’s facility. This [...]

25 10, 2015

[Tech Talk] Optimizing Bait Formulations

Throughout the summer of 2015, PCT magazine delivered outstanding content on using bait formulations for a variety of pests. In the May issue, there was a section dedicated to the 20 year anniversary of Sentricon and a “State of the Ant Market” report sponsored by Syngenta. In the June issue, several articles and advertisements discussed [...]

24 02, 2014

How Stored Product Pests Affect Warehouses

While stored product pests tend to be small in size, the damage they are capable of creating can be quite large! These pests have the potential to harm your facility’s finances as well as tarnish its good reputation. Stored product pests can quickly destroy large amounts of stored grains, and other processed dry goods. By [...]

17 02, 2014

The Benefits Of Pest Management In Warehouses

Commercial warehouse environments can be a challenge for the pest management industry. Add food stocks and other perishable items to the mix and it can become even more challenging to manage pests in these spaces, but Copesan service professionals understand these environments and the steps that must be taken to make and keep them pest [...]