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16 07, 2018

Top 10 Cockroach Prevention Tips

The sight of just one cockroach in your facility, store or restaurant can be enough to damage your brand. Preventing cockroaches from entering your business in the first place is key to preventing an infestation. Following the below tips can help reduce the chance of cockroaches invading your business. Cockroach Prevention Tips: Sanitation and cleaning [...]

9 07, 2018

Tips to Protect Your Store Against Pests

Cluttered stock rooms are ideal for rodents and cockroaches. Well-planned and organized backrooms make it easy for your pest management provider to inspect for and prevent pests. You’ve hired a pest management provider, and have established a regular plan for pest control service at your store. But, there’s more to keeping your store [...]

24 07, 2017

Reduce Pest Attractiveness with Lighting Scheme Modifications

By Bennett Jordan,Ph.D., BCE, excerpt from 2017 PRSM Best Practices CHALLENGE Retail stores need lighting schemes that make potential customers feel safe and welcome. The problem is that shoppers aren’t the only ones brought in by a sharp display; night-flying insects are highly attracted to most types of lighting commonly used in and around stores. [...]

18 07, 2016

Copesan Advises Retailers on Mall Pest Management In 2016 PRSM Best Practices

Menomonee Falls, WI – July 18, 2016 – Copesan Services, Inc., is pleased to share the inclusion of an article, “Collaboration Key to Effective IPM in Mall Stores,”  authored by Dr. Jim Sargent, Copesan’s recently retired Director of Technical Support and Regulatory Compliance, in the 2016 Best Practices book published by the Professional Retail Store [...]

4 06, 2016

Collaboration Key To Effective IPM In Mall Stores

COLLABORATION KEY TO EFFECTIVE IPM IN MALL STORES by James E. Sargent, Ph.D., Director of Technical Support and Regulatory Compliance Copesan - Specialists in Pest Solutions EXCERPT FROM: 2016 PRSM Best Practices, published by Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) CHALLENGE Pest management in a mall store – one unit of a large building or shopping mall [...]