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10 03, 2016

Rodents, Food, and Humans – a Deadly Combination

What could really happen if your customer eats food that has been contaminated by rodents? It’s no secret that rodents and food simply do not mix. The sight of a rodent not only deters your customers from returning, but is also attached with major health issues and public safety concerns. The How Rodents are dangerous [...]

2 12, 2015

[Tech Talk] Control of Imported Fire Ants at Health-Care Facilities

In areas where imported fire ants are found there is always a risk of fire ants entering buildings. With health-care facilities, there is the added risk of fire ants stinging patients who are unable to move or alert others that they need help. Such occurrences can cause serious injury or death for those who are [...]

6 04, 2015

Quick Facts On Bed Bugs For Business Owners

Much discussion has been devoted to the subject of bed bugs for the past several years. This has brought to surface a sense of awareness, albeit a vague one, of the existence and fears of bed bug invasions. This bit of knowledge of the pesky bed bug is usually limited to bare, basic facts. Number one, they [...]

9 06, 2014

Copesan Offers Tips For Businesses To Prevent Ants

The economics of today’s society brings many challenges to business owners by placing an even greater emphasis on customer retention. One of the surest ways to retain customers is by developing and maintaining a good reputation and a sure way to do just that is by keeping a clean and pest-free commercial establishment. Some of [...]

31 05, 2012

New Label Laws and Public Health

By Larry C. Motes To view this article as it appeared in PCT magazine, please click here. Recent changes to several pesticide labels have been enacted to protect the environment, but will these changes have unintended negative consequences to public health? With the economic conditions we have endured the past four years, consumers’ demands for lower [...]