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6 04, 2015

Quick Facts On Bed Bugs For Business Owners

Much discussion has been devoted to the subject of bed bugs for the past several years. This has brought to surface a sense of awareness, albeit a vague one, of the existence and fears of bed bug invasions. This bit of knowledge of the pesky bed bug is usually limited to bare, basic facts. Number one, they [...]

10 01, 2015

5 Advantages Of Canine Bed Bug Inspections

Among the many traits and characteristics for which bed bugs are noted, being nocturnal and very elusive tops the list. This uncanny attribute often creates havoc with business owners and even presents challenges to some pest management specialists. There are times a business owner will suspect bed bugs are present within the facility, yet no [...]

20 02, 2014

Spring Break Leads To Additional Hotel Pest Management

The spring break travel season is almost here! For many, this means fun in the sun while for hotel owners it means a great deal of preparation and hard work for the influx of guests. One area that hotels need to take special consideration in is in their bed bug and hotel pest control protocol. Because of [...]

2 02, 2014

How The Hospitality Industry Benefits From Pest Management

It can be said that the success of any business will rise and fall on company management and a sophisticated commercial pest management program. This proves to be especially essential in hotel management. The reputation of a hotel will be predicated on a variety of successfully managed and implemented programs. As a hotel manager, you will [...]