Bed bugs have been in the news for the last decade, and for good reason. These blood sucking pests spread very easily, especially in commercial establishments. They make the news when they enter well-known retail establishments when they are found in unexpected places, like libraries, office buildings, movie theaters or even government buildings. This is the kind of publicity you don’t want for your business, so quick and efficient bed bug control should be your first action. Our Copesan specialists are well-versed in bed bug control and can help you eliminate these pests quickly so you can avoid the bad publicity that comes with these bugs.

To get rid of bed bugs, our pest management specialists employ many different tactics, but the most effective is bed bug heat treatments. These treatments circulate high heat around the infested space to kill bed bugs and is extremely effective because it kills all life stages of bed bugs, including bed bug eggs. This is a very efficient treatment option and will typically leave the environment free from live bed bugs in as little as one day.

How Bed Bug Treatment Works

Studies have shown that bed bugs, although resilient little critters, can no longer sustain life at temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Both adult bed bugs and bed bug eggs perish at this temperature, so our heat treatments aim to keep the temperature in the infested room up to this high temperature for several hours while fans circulate the heat to ensure all bed bugs are destroyed.

If you choose to have a bed bug heat treatment, we sometimes request that you prep the environment that is going to be treated so we can ensure the heat is distributed evenly throughout your facility. Speak to your pest management specialist to see exactly what preparations need to be taken before a bed bug heat treatment.

Along with bed bug heat treatments, we offer conventional treatments that complement our bed bug heat treatments, including the use of steam and insecticides. We can also offer staff training customized to your industry so your staff can learn how to deal with a bed bug infestation appropriately, without bringing unnecessary negative media attention. For more information on bed bug heat treatments from qualified and experienced professionals, contact the specialists at Copesan today.

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