Perspective is important. As a business owner, you are usually more informed than those who purchase your goods or services. But being informed can cause you to be rooted in a certain perspective.

You may know that bed bugs don’t transmit disease and that they pose no physical threat to physical property, but your residents or guests probably don’t. To them, this is a dirty, blood-eating bug that feeds on you while you sleep and crawls all over every part of your body, including your ears, nose and mouth. For some, this is a trauma causing thought. Understanding this perspective will help you respond appropriately to this problem.

There are several ways the experts at Copesan can help.

  1. Preventing bed bug infestations before they happen. The best way to protect your brand is to not get bed bugs in the first place. That is why Copesan uses bed bug sniffing dogs. Canine inspectors are able to detect living bed bugs even before they hatch from their egg sacks. This helps technicians eradicate these bugs before they are able to become a problem. Canine inspections are also faster and less obtrusive than inspections done by humans.
  2. Fast effective removal. If an infestation has been allowed to mature, Copesan technicians use the latest, cutting edge treatments to remove all infesting bugs discreetly and quickly. An effective use of heat can kill 100% of bed bugs in a single treatment. Steam and insecticides are also used to make sure no crevice is missed.
  3. Business minded. Copesan professionals are experienced at working in both sensitive and high-profile environments to eradicate bed bugs.
  4. Education. At Copesan, we understand the importance of keeping staff informed. Our respected bed bug experts don’t just design effective and flexible treatment plans, they also organize trainings to keep your staff on top of procedures and prevention.

Copesan is one of the most trusted brands in pest control. Let us protect your brand with strategic bed bug management services, early detection programs, and aggressive and effective treatment services. Find a local service provider near you and get your plan in place.