Where are you in your opinion of pest birds? Do those pigeonssparrows, grackles, starlings and other pest birds still amuse you or fill you with wonder? Or have you dealt with their droppings long enough? It is easy sometimes to forget how damaging these birds can be, especially when they do amazing things, like learn how to fly in a specific way to set off the motion detectors on your loading docks and let themselves in through the automatic doors. These birds can be talented and clever. But bird pests can turn from clever to unacceptable in a short amount of time. When you get an electric bill for the opening and closing bay door, those birds won’t look so cute.

How Pest Birds Can Impact Your Business

  • Bird excrement is extremely corrosive and can even wear down concrete. It can contain diseases, viruses, parasites and harmful bacteria that can spread to humans. If left on walkways, it can present a slipping hazard and potentially lead to a lawsuit.
  • Bird nesting can block gutters and cause water damage and rot. Nests in electrical boxes are able to short out the power to a facility or start a fire.
  • Birds are a noise problem which can interfere with productivity and daily activities.
  • Bird clean up costs businesses thousands each year in water, electricity and maintenance staff.

Spring Pest Birds

In spring, love is in the air. It is a time when all creatures begin to mate, and birds are no exception. If you want to protect your business from pest birds, deter them before they come to roost and lay their eggs.

If you suspect birds are flying around your business in search of a place to call home, make them feel unwelcome by contacting a pest bird control professional. Copesan pest management technicians have many bird control solutions for all types of businesses. With proper netting, bird deterrent systems, and repellents, you can tell those birds to find another place to live. If they’re smart enough to open a door, they’re smart enough to know when to move on. Let Copesan make your property a bird-free zone. With years of local experience and the ability to service national locations, Copesan is the right choice for commercial bird control.

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