Almost anyone can treat bed bugs, but not everyone can provide the proper pest management needed to strengthen the relationship between the pest management company and the business customer. The display of integrity and honesty must be present at the onset when determining whether aggressive treatment is necessary or simply a need to administer ongoing preventive measures. Business owners are sure to be able to count on the integrity of their Copesan pest management professional.

Inspections: What Should You Expect?

During the initial inspection, the visible presence of live bed bugs allows for an easy diagnosis of infestation and calls for immediate treatment. However, bed bugs can be very evasive and may cause an initial, low level infestation that may be difficult to detect. When that happens, the technician will need to administer more aggressive measures or methods of inspection to determine the presence of bed bugs.

During these more aggressive inspections, the technician will thoroughly examine all bedding, including the mattresses and box springs, bed frame and headboard. There must also be a close inspection for any signs of bed bugs in cracks and crevices, behind baseboards, wall receptacles, under the edges of carpet and inside all other furniture and drawers. A bed bug scent detection canine team may also be used to aid in the detection of these low-level infestations. This service is often used when bed bugs are suspected and yet no live bugs have been found.

In addition to the presence of live bed bugs, there are additional indicators of a bed bug infestation. Intact, unhatched bed bug eggs are considered to be equal proof of an active infestation of bed bugs, as well as the shed skins of bed bugs and their fecal matter or fecal stains on sheets or mattresses. Any of these signs are considered adequate evidence to declare the need for treatment.

There have been cases where business owners have received complaints from customers relating to bites assumed to be from bed bugs. These complaints should not be ignored and, again, may be enough information to cause the pest management specialist to recommend particular areas be treated.

It is important for the business owner to place full trust and confidence in his Copesan service provider, as proper and accurate diagnosis of infestation will be needed to successfully treat affected areas. For example, to ensure successful diagnosis and proper treatment, the technician will want to use other sources of information in addition to his visual inspection. This additional information may come from interviewing business owners and staff as well as any occupants of the affected buildings. The technician will also want to access previous pest control records relating to prior complaints, inspections, treatments and services.

Upon completion of treatment and cleanup, an Integrated Pest Management approach should be implemented. This will, among many other things, educate everyone on the biology and habits of bed bugs as well as provide the proper training of effective preventive techniques to lessen the chance for future bed bug infestations.

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