Cockroaches are known for their creepy, nasty appearance and are despised and feared by business owners. Commercial establishments cannot afford to allow an infestation of cockroaches in or around their buildings.

Cockroaches can survive on almost any type of food from rotten garbage in dumpsters to edible human food on countertops. They have a real affinity for any type of sugary foods. Any business that stores food or prepares food products becomes a number one choice for infestation of cockroaches. Your store or facility may be an ideal habitation for roaches if sugar, syrup and other sweets are present. They are often seen running to and fro foraging for food and water.

A cockroach is very mobile and can climb walls and even move across ceilings. Some are equipped with suction cup type feet allowing them to climb and access almost anything. They are able to slip through almost any crack and can slide under tight fitting doors. Often, cockroaches can hitchhike into buildings with boxes of food or other products.

Not only does the sight of cockroaches cause a repulsive reaction to people, they also cause a health risk. They are heavy carriers of several types of bacteria, parasitic worms and pathogens. The cockroach will contaminate any surface in which they come in contact. Their presence in and around food is a danger to the health of humanity. Any sighting of cockroaches in the store is sure proof of infestation in or around your business.

How To Help Prevent Cockroach Infestations

Cleanliness is essential to pest management within the facility. This is especially important at closing. Cockroaches like to forage under cover of darkness and will scurry around after closing in search of food. Keep in mind that they will not stay around any place where food and water are not available.

Preventing cockroach infestations begins by not allowing them access into the building. Inspect the building, sealing all points of entry. Inspect windows and screens and repair as needed. Caulk any cracks around windows and doors and ensure all entry doors are equipped with door sweeps.

Leave no food out at the end of day. Clean tables, counters and floor thoroughly, leaving no crumbs or spills behind. Empty and clean all trash containers. Another thing to check for is any water faucet or water lines dripping. Sugar granules and food crumbs can get in cracks of the floor or counters. If not cleaned up, this becomes an ideal source of food for cockroaches. Remember to clean under all shelves and appliances. Finally, keep all food products in sealed, pest-proof containers.

Contact your local Copesan Specialist in the event of any sighting of cockroaches or to stop cockroaches and other pests before they invade.