Flies are nuisance pests, but in a commercial environment they can become a severe problem that becomes much more than a nuisance! Because they can be such a problem, especially in the month of August when the flies are most abundant, August has been unofficially deemed National Fly Month. If you are dealing with flies in your commercial facility, you are probably wondering how you can evict these invaders.

How to Prevent Flies and Limit Infestations

1. Clean, clean and clean some more. Flies are looking for food and areas to breed, so by cleaning up food crumbs, spills and residue you can limit your problems with flies.

2. Take out garbage regularly and clean trash cans regularly. These areas are classic breeding zones for pests like flies so it is important to pay close attention to them when it comes to fly control and prevention.

3. Seal possible entry points. If flies can get into your facility, they will infest it quickly, especially if the environment is just right for their feeding and breeding.

4. Commit to proper drain maintenance. Because many flies are known for breeding in drains, a bioremediation service can be helpful in eliminating and preventing these pests.

Along with these prevention methods, partnering with a pest control professional can be another useful tool in your arsenal against pests. A pest management professional will work with you throughout the year to modify the environments that may be attracting pests and put into place special control solutions to suit your facility.

Flies are pests known for spreading filth and disease; don’t let them take over your facility! Contact the pest management professionals at Copesan to learn more about fly control for commercial establishments.