""There are several motivating factors that are directing businesses to search for commercial pest control methods to get rid of pigeons, starlings and sparrows. These birds, when in abundance, can create major problems for business owners. In some cases, property values of commercial facilities have decreased because of the infestation of birds. Business owners run the risk of their reputation being damaged due to the overexposure of birds and the adverse effect it creates with customers. Perhaps the most serious problem with the invasion of pest birds is the potential health risks of which employees and customers are exposed. Pigeons and other pest birds are carriers of several diseases that are easily passed on to humans. Two of the more serious diseases are toxoplasmosis and salmonella. Additionally, fungal diseases can be transmitted through the air to humans. The risk of these airborne fungal spores occurs when bird droppings accumulate on the ground over a two or three year period of time.

Property and Liability Risks

Heavy infestation of pigeons and other birds causes very costly repairs and will require commercial pest bird control. The feces from bird droppings is very corrosive and can cause much damage to the appearance and structure of buildings. Feces can deface rooftops and destroy paint on buildings as well as vehicles and equipment. Pest birds have been known to peck holes in roofing and weight down utility lines, pulling them down and causing fire hazards and injury. An invasion of these birds can block ventilation ducts and create heating and air exchange issues.

In addition to posing health risks, bird droppings can create other liabilities for the business owner. A buildup of droppings will cause walkways to be slippery and dangerous. Window ledges, eaves and guttering can all become damaged with the acidic fecal matter destroying paint and eating into metal. These are all clear signs to the business owner that there is a need for pest bird control.

However, bird control can be a sensitive subject with the general populous. Commercial facilities cannot get away with total eradication of birds like they do insects or rodents. The ideal solution, while not always convenient, is catching and relocating birds or repelling them with roof spikes or even ultrasonic sound devices to encourage eviction.

Seek commercial pest control assistance as soon as you see any increase of birds locating and roosting on your commercial facility. Your local Copesan commercial bird pest control services includes bird netting, trapping and professional installation of landing deterrents in the management and control of pest birds.