In commercial facilities, the potential for pest problems is great due to the large amount of optimal pest largely in part to the shipping and receiving of product among other things. If not addressed immediately, it’s possible for the pest problem to quickly turn into a full-on infestation, costing you lost product and compromising your reputation and brand. To limit these problems in the first place, it’s important to implement pest prevention techniques throughout your facility in the areas that are most susceptible to pest pressures.

Areas Susceptible to Pests Can Include:

  • Drains
  • Food storage areas
  • Dumpsters and other garbage receptacles
  • Areas around entry doors

There are many different types of pest prevention methods that can be used in a commercial facility. When you partner with a Copesan Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialist, our years of education and experience can greatly benefit your facility. Our IPM solutions look to solve your pest problems through many different prevention techniques that modify the environment, removing the conditions that invite pests into your home. To prevent pests in potential problem areas of your facility, you need to make these areas unattractive to invading pests.

Help Prevent Future Pest Problems by:

  • Cleaning drains regularly. Accumulated food and debris in drains provides the optimal breeding environment for insects such as flies.
  • Emptying dumpsters regularly. During the summer, dumpsters should be emptied at least twice a week, while cooler months dumpsters can be emptied at least once a week.
  • Keeping dumpsters and other trash receptacles covered when not in use.
  • Storing dumpsters a distance from any areas of entry into your facility.
  • Keeping the exterior clear of storage containers and vegetation. Install a perimeter of crushed rock a couple of feet from the exterior of the building to discourage pest entry.
  • Installing non-attracting lights around the entry areas to your facility. Sodium vapor lighting can be a good substitution.

These pest prevention tips can help limit the number of insects and rodents that enter your facility, but this is not where your pest management efforts should end. When you partner with Copesan, your pest problems will be handled by experts in the pests that invade your facilities and the prevention and elimination methods that are most effective. Through IPM techniques that include traps, exclusion methods, baiting systems and regular inspections, your pest problems will be under control.

For more information on the pest prevention services we can offer your commercial facility, contact one of the professionals at Copesan today. We would be happy to discuss a pest management plan for your facility that will create a pest free environment so that you can get down to business.