The month of September is the time of year for yellowjackets. These stinging insects live in colonies of up to 4000 and could be nesting right near your facility. During the month of September, these colonies are at their peak in numbers. This means that if you disturb one of these nests you could be in danger. Yellowjackets build their nests in various ways. One way is to build nests in the ground outside or in the walls of a building. If you find one of these nests outside your business, proceed with caution. Do not aggravate them and call a professional to have the nest removed.

Safeguards For A Variety of Settings

When mowing the lawn in the month of September you want to be aware of ground nests. If you or your lawn mowing team see yellowjackets swarming around a hole in the ground, do your best to avoid the area. If you aggravate the nest you could suddenly have thousands of yellowjackets angry and swarming. If this happens; leave immediately, seek shelter inside and check for any yellowjackets that may still be attached to your clothing.

If you are outside enjoying a company cookout or lunch with a co-worker, remember to keep food and drinks sealed. Yellowjackets are extremely attracted to the sweet smells of open food and beverages. They may start to swarm your meal looking for something sweet. Do not agitate these stinging insects. Move slowly to leave the area if you need to. Double check your food to make sure that they have not traveled with you.

Be aware of yellowjacket food sources near your business. This could be anything from a dumpster to a spilled can of soda. It is important to keep these sweet food sources cleaned up and contained to keep these pests away. If you find yellowjackets have infested your building (they could be nesting in the walls or rafters) call Copesan today to have them removed.

Yellowjackets are no joke. Their stings hurt and could ruin your day. If you are allergic to their stings, an attack could even be fatal. Do it yourself yellowjacket removal can be very dangerous and costly. Take caution and call a professional to locate the nest and have it safely removed.

When dealing with yellowjackets, put your business’ safety first. Call a professional exterminator today and enjoy the month of September free from the threat of stings.