Of the many factors that can threaten the success and reputation of a company, one of the greatest threats is for a facility to experience a serious pest infestation. A visionary and proactive business owner will recognize the advantages of maintaining a pest-free facility and employ the services of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialist. An IPM Specialist will not only assist in eliminating pests from your facility, but will also implement programs to help prevent future infestations.

Tips for pest proofing your commercial facility:

  1. Thoroughly cleaned and sanitized work stations are a must. Develop a daily cleaning schedule for each area of the facility. This schedule should include cleaning and sanitizing of all floors and counters as well as assigning trained personnel to clean all internal parts of machinery. Keep trash containers clean and emptied regularly and keep all containers covered. Waste should be removed from the building daily and properly disposed of in trash dumpsters.
  2. Landscaping and caretaking of the property outside and around the facility must be performed on a regular basis. Make sure the ground is sloped away from the building to ensure proper drainage. All foliage should be trimmed and kept away from the foundation. Don’t allow any litter, storage or garbage dumpsters within 50 feet of buildings.
  3. All incoming materials must be closely inspected for any signs of insect or rodent infestation. This should be done prior to acceptance of an order. Food products and plants should receive extra special care during inspection prior to receiving the product into the plant.
  4. All raw materials should be kept in a separate storage area away from all other supplies and materials. These raw products should be checked regularly for any aging, spoilage or deterioration.
  5. Inspect all entrance doors and windows for any cracks or gaps and repair or replace as needed. Use silicon caulking to seal all cracks and install flexible rubber sealing devices around all doors. Finally, replace any screens that have been ripped or torn.
  6. Install pest proof shields on all indoor lighting and clean regularly. Exterior lighting should not be attached directly to the building and certainly not around entrance doors. Light poles with sodium vapor lighting are preferred.

Regular monitoring of these pest-proofing tips along with utilizing Copesan’s Integrated Pest Management program will drastically reduce the risk of pest infestation in your commercial facility.