""Business owners are finding that in the midst of the excitement and joy of seasonal changes there are also frustrations. Change of seasons brings an increase of activity and commerce but during this time of year it also brings an influx of spring pests. Along with the new growth of flowers and plants and the reproduction of wildlife is the fresh hatching and reproducing of troublesome pests. This includes termites, carpenter ants, stinging insects and birds, all of which are a nuisance and frustration to commercial business owners.

Reproduction is a natural process during this time of year and causes an increase of frustration to the business owner. The reproducers of termite and ant colonies develop wings and begin swarming for the purpose of reproducing, relocating and developing new colonies, thus increasing the pest population. Warming spring temperatures also “awakens” the dormancy of the winter season and sends the newly awakened pests in search of much needed food and water. The newly hatched babies simply means more mouths to feed and foragers begin looking for food and water sources with a vengeance.

Ways To Discourage Infestations

There are several helpful commercial pest control tips that will discourage an infestation of pests from gaining access to your business property:

  1. Perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of your property for any gaps or cracks in the foundation, around windows and under doors and seal off and repair as needed.
  2. Look for any shrubs or tree branches that may be touching the building or leaning down over the roof. These branches allow easy access to a variety of pests from termites and rodents.
  3. Many commercial buildings have older style brick chimneys. Inspect your chimney for any mortar cracks and ensure that you have a chimney cap properly installed to keep rodents, bats and wildlife from gaining access.
  4. Remember that standing water is not only a breeding ground for mosquitoes but also a much needed water source for many pests. Fill in low spots in your parking lot and slope the ground away from your commercial building to eliminate standing water.
  5. Clean the lunchroom and break areas inside the building, especially looking for crumbs and spilled drinks. Don’t allow leftover food to be sitting out and keep trash cans emptied and washed out regularly.
  6. Eliminate mouse nesting opportunities by keeping all storage rooms organized and cleaned out regularly. Items should be stored in plastic totes rather than cardboard boxes.

With the professional removal of these seasonal pests, the commercial pest control companiesrepresenting Copesan services can service your commercial facility and enhance the overall appearance, making your business a favorable establishment.