The harsh winter experienced in much of the United States has certainly taken its toll on businesses. Many additional expenses and hardships have been created from excessive snowfall, frigid temperatures, strong winds and flooding. Ice dams on the roofs of your business can cause water leaks and create damage to walls, ceilings, flooring, insulation and drywall. This moisture trapped in walls and ceilings can be a great attractant to termites and ants. Another potential source of moisture to fight against is flooding around buildings and under crawlspaces due to all the melting snow and spring rains. It is also advisable to inspect for frozen pipes from frigid temperatures as well as any roof damage from strong winds or heavy snow loads.

These extreme weather conditions have also caused unusual behaviors with pests. The National Pest Management Association is advising property owners to be mindful of any weather related damage to buildings that could allow for easier entry of pests.

The infestation of pests this spring can be even more severe than normal due to the severe winter weather. This could be considered one more expensive side effect of the harsh winter. As pests begin emerging, their quest for food, water and shelter will be even more deliberate.

Types of Pests to Watch Out For:

Ants, termites and rodents are among the more problematic pests posing a threat to business owners. Subterranean termites and carpenter ants could be expected to emerge in full force this spring after surviving the harsh winter conditions. Both the termite and carpenter ant are capable of causing a debilitating effect on the structure of commercial buildings, creating severe financial hardship to business owners.

Another concern among business owners is the invasion of rodents, birds, bats and wildlife. As these pests gain access into commercial buildings, warehouses, processing plants and retail businesses, they bring the threat of contamination to products as well as the spreading of diseases to employees and customers. These health-related threats should be taken very seriously. They are not only a threat to the health and well-being of people, but also bring damage to the business owner’s reputation.

Your local Copesan pest management provider is proficient in the treatment and management of pests relative to your geographic location. To maintain a pest-free business, it is very important for all business owners to develop a relationship and contractual agreement with a highly-skilled and trained Copesan provider for every season throughout the year.