Courtyard of an office building.If you are a manager or owner of a commercial facility that is subject to audits, then you understand the importance of pest management. Not only does it treat for the pests already in the facility, it also prevents pests before they become a problem. One way to help predict future pest problems is by using data to track trending over time.

Looking at trending data allows both the pest professional and facility management to identify areas of a facility that are at highest risk of infestation. Furthermore, it can help to predict when an infestation might happen. For example, if each fall there is an issue with rodents, your pest management plan can include a preventative treatment in late summer to avoid rodent issues altogether. These proactive opportunities are especially helpful for facilities such as food processing plants that have very strict policies and audits to complete.

Other Strategies for Proactive Pest Management

Another strategy for proactive pest management includes a location analysis that looks at the physical location and its immediate surroundings to determine potential pest pressures. For example, a facility near railroad tracks or a body of water can be more prone to insect and rodent infestations. Water is a major cause of infestations of both insects and rodents as they require water to survive. Railroad tracks are also conducive to rodent problems as this offers an opportunity for rats and mice to borrow. We also want to consider the ingredients used in the facility and any special processes that could be welcoming pests.

Copesan pest professionals are trained to help commercial establishments identify these pest trends and implement a comprehensive pest management strategy. Below, you can see the preempt analysis that is incorporated into a pest management program for a commercial establishment.

Level 1: Geographic pest pressures due to location of the facility

Level 2: Structure, conditions and sanitation practices in place

Level 3: Products and ingredients used in the facility

Level 4: Historic or season pest trends for pest prevention

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