""Spring may officially arrive on March 20th, (also known as the vernal equinox or the spring equinox), but the true arrival of spring is different for pretty much every state in the nation. Every region of our amazing country has a different climate, which causes the real start of spring to be different for all Americans. With spring we experience increasing daylight, warming temperatures and the rebirth of flora and fauna. We also experience infestations of pests that haven’t been around since the previous summer!

Pests that may be returning in the spring include flies, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, centipedes, millipedes and many others. Even if the actual start to your spring doesn’t happen for another few weeks, or if you’ve been enjoying spring-like weather for over a month now, it’s not too late to start putting into place measures to prevent pests from overtaking your facility this spring.

Tips to Help Protect Your Commercial Building

To prevent pests, there are a few things you can do within your facility without the assistance of a commercial pest management professional.

  1. Keep vegetation and tree branches from touching the exterior of your facility.
  2. Install an 18 inch border of crushed rock or gravel around the perimeter of your facility.
  3. Keep pallets stored up off the ground.
  4. Install less attractive yellow lighting in exterior lights to deter insects from being attracted to your facility.
  5. Have a regular maintenance schedule that includes deep cleaning machines and equipment regularly.
  6. Keep your facility at an optimal temperature to deter insects and rodents.
  7. Store trash outdoors in containers with tight fitting lids. During the warmer months, make sure this trash is removed from the premises every other day (or even daily).

These prevention measures can help limit the number of pest infestations you find in your facility, but may not remove pests altogether. The best way to achieve a pest free environment is to partner with a pest management professional. This partnership can help you identify conditions within your facility that may be attracting pests as well as help you create routines or schedules that allow for more maintenance time. A commercial pest management partnership can help you pass audits too, which can be very beneficial for your business.

For more information on spring pest control or to schedule an inspection, contact the pest management professionals at Copesan.