Roof rat nibbling on food. Do you have a roof rat problem? You’re not alone. These mammals with the Latin name Rattus rattus are widely distributed throughout the US and have been known to be called by several different monikers, including black rat and ship rat. They are more at home in warmer climates so are typically found in large numbers along the lower half of the East Coast and through the Southern states along with the Pacific Coast and Pacific Northwest. Why do you have them in your facility? There are several factors that could cause a roof rat problem and, if they aren’t rectified, these pests are going to cause you to lose product, profit and even customers.

Causes For Roof Rat Problems

  • An entry point is available. These mammals are talented climbers and will often access the facility through gaps in the exterior around utility lines and near the roof.
  • Shelter is available. Once they find their way indoors they will breed and thrive inside your building, creating nests and marking pathways through your facility, especially if they can find a ready and available food source.
  • Food is available. Roof rats will feed on many different sources of food, including a wide variety of fruits and nuts as well as ornamental and native plant materials. When they get indoors, they will eat practically anything they can find, so if it’s not stored in an airtight container, it’s fair game.

To limit a rat problem before pest management specialists arrive, it is important to place a high priority on sanitation. A clean facility doesn’t offer a lot of shelter or food for hungry rats, so the cleaner your facility, the less of a problem these pests will be. If you already have an established roof rat infestation, you may not be able to eliminate the problem through sanitation efforts, but it may help to limit the problem.

For complete rodent control services, a partnership with a pest control company is the best thing you can do to protect your facility. A pest management professional will complete a thorough inspection of your facility to determine what may be inviting roof rats to your property. This inspection will help them determine appropriate steps needed to eliminate the factors that caused the problem in the first place. It is never wise to ignore a rodent problem in a commercial environment; these pests spread diseases and can damage your products and facility. For more information on rodent control services from the pest management specialists at Copesan, please contact us today.