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9 12, 2014

Drain Flies And Your Business

As most business owners know, drain flies can be a real nuisance. These flies breed in drains or in standing water and are known for being a problem in commercial environments, especially commercial kitchens, bars, bathrooms and even hospitals. If you have a problem with drain flies in your facility, here is what you should know: [...]

18 08, 2014

The Dangers Of Flies In Commercial Establishments

Flies are very common pests and can be found just about anywhere; however, this does not mean that it is okay to have them flying around your commercial establishment. Nothing will turn your customers away more than seeing flies buzzing throughout your business. Flies can carry and transmit diseases, as well as contaminate food stored [...]

4 08, 2014

Important Fly Prevention Tips For Business Owners

Flies are nuisance pests, but in a commercial environment they can become a severe problem that becomes much more than a nuisance! Because they can be such a problem, especially in the month of August when the flies are most abundant, August has been unofficially deemed National Fly Month. If you are dealing with flies [...]

17 07, 2014

The Buzz On Bottle Flies

In commercial facilities, bottle flies can quickly become a problem. These large flies are known for their metallic blue or green color and are also called blow flies. They may enter your facility through gaps in the exterior and then stay to feed on any decaying matter they can find. In a commercial facility, there [...]

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