By Elizabeth Johnson, Copesan Director of Marketing

A common question when evaluating new employees is the comparative value of experience vs. knowledge. What does 10 years of PMP experience contribute compared to an entomology degree from a good college, for example?

This Tech Talk column is a great example of the intersection of hard-earned industry experience and advanced entomological education. Authors of this column come from all walks of life in our industry and write with both knowledge and experience, sharing unpublished data, field observations and best practices gained during their many years of experience.

PCT Guidance

Now, PCT has published an outstanding book on commercial pest management (“PCT Guide to Commercial Pest Management”) by the same authors of this PCT Tech Talk column. This new book is unique — there is nothing like it in the pest management industry. With a focus strictly on the commercial side of pest management, some of the 22 chapters in nearly 400 pages include:

  • Being a Successful Commercial Pest Management Technician
  • Customer Relations and Service
  • What Commercial Pest Management Customers Want
  • Regulatory Considerations in Commercial Pest Management
  • Inspections, Audits, Recordkeeping and Documentation

There are also chapters offering in-depth analysis of pest management practices in various types of commercial accounts, including food service, food plants, food retail, health care, retail/office, hospitality and more.

In addition, there are 42 great “TechTips” scattered throughout the book offering real-world advice technicians can integrate into their daily lives immediately. Another notable feature of the book is the collection of 96 incredible color pest photographs by Tom Myers to accompany Dr. Eric Smith’s chapter on Pest Identification. All of these features are contained in a durable soft-cover binding for frequent use in the office or vehicle.

The best use of this book is active interaction — with the reader making notes directly in the book as he or she grows in experience and knowledge. It is ideal as quick reference before beginning work at a new commercial client location, as a training review of what’s been important in many commercial accounts in the past, and as a reference book for all those involved in commercial pest management, including those in management, sales, quality assurance and operations, as well as the technician.

Next to a good flashlight, this new book is what every commercial pest management professional needs…because it contains both experience and knowledge.

To order, visit or call the PCT Bookstore at 800/456-07070.