Commercial Pest Control

Copesan is an alliance of regional pest management providers united to provide exceptional service to commercial clients throughout North America. Our network of local service providers, or Partners, pride themselves on delivering quality service in their local communities, working together to service national accounts.

We offer a unique approach to pest management, combining the benefits of centralized account management in a consistent, national program alongside the unique expertise of a local provider– the best of both worlds.

Learn Why You Should Choose Copesan

What's Pestering You?

Learn more about common commercial pests.


One ant, two ants, three ants... Because ants live in colonies, the presence of just a few ants means there's likely more....

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Bed Bugs

Once an infestation is established, bed bugs can easily spread throughout a building because...

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Cockroaches contaminate product, spread diseases and allergens, and reproduce with an extremely high frequency...

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Flying Insects

Flying insects can often be more than just irritating. From spreading filth and disease, to irritating bites and rapid...

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Pest Birds

Birds carry disease, damage facilities, and create unsafe environments for customers and employees...

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Rats and mice damage and contaminate product, spread diseases and allergens, and reproduce with an extremely...

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Stored Product Pests

As their name suggests, stored product pests cause damage to stored products like flour, grains, clothing, nuts...

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Our Main Commercial Markets

Food Processing, Packaging and Distribution

You work hard to protect the nation’s food supply, we put the same effort into protecting you. See how Copesan protects the food processing, packaging and distribution industry from pests.

Food Retail & Grocery

Attract customers, not pests. Find out how Copesan protects food retail and grocery stores from flies, rodents and birds.


Made-to-order pest management solutions. Copesan understands the needs of the foodservice industry.

Nonfood Retail

Treat your guests to great products, not pests. Copesan helps protect your retail store from rodents, insects and birds.

Logistics & Warehousing

​Don’t let a pest infestation stop you in your tracks! Let Copesan help you prevent pests from disrupting your workflow.


​Don’t let a pest infestation take you for a ride, check out how Copesan protects the transportation industry.

​Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Copesan’s full-service pest management programs provide maximum brand protection. Our success as a trusted pest management solutions provider in a number of different industry segments has resulted in programs designed to meet and exceed the specific needs of a wide range of clients with proven, long-term results.