While the leaves have not started to turn just yet, you can be sure that fall is just around the corner. With the cooler weather comes fall pests that are trying to find warm places to overwinter in. As a business owner if you are not prepared, these pests may make your place of business their home for the upcoming fall and winter months. Common fall pests that make a habit of invading businesses include stink bugs, boxelder bugs, cluster flies, ladybugs, rodents, and others.

There are several steps that you can take to prevent these fall pests from invading your facility and causing problems for your business.

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

1. Keep pests out.

This means making sure that all possible entrances for insects and rodents are eliminated. Caulk cracks in your buildings foundation as well as gaps around windows and doors. Cover all vents and utility entrances. Additionally, do not keep doors open for long periods of time.

2. Superior sanitation.

Routine cleaning along with scheduled deep cleaning of your facility is key to keeping fall pest infestations at bay.

3. Organization.

Pests often retreat to cluttered or unorganized areas within businesses because they can easily live unnoticed. Keep your facility, especially storage areas, free of clutter. Keep as much of your inventory and other items up off of the ground as possible. Get rid of unnecessary and unneeded items from your facility.

4. Trim back vegetation.

Inspect shrubs, plants and trees that are located near your building and trim back their branches. Pests like to hide in overgrown landscaping, and use their branches as a bridge into your facility. Also, make sure to have a stone barrier between mulch or grass and your building’s foundation.

5. Trash removal.

Trash can be an all you can eat buffet for many pests. Remove trash regularly from the building’s interior and keep outdoor dumpsters at distance from the exterior of the facility. Equip all trash containers with a lid.

""Take the time now to prevent a fall pest infestation in your facility. Waiting until you have a problem with fall pests will only cost you and your business more time and money and could even be responsible for damaging your business’ reputation.

For help with fall pest proofing and control in your facility, contact the professionals at Copesan today. Our experts will work hard to build a relationship with you, and will work together as a team to ensure that all your pest management needs are being met this fall and for the rest of the year as well.



Photo Source: Unsplash