Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Copesan’s full-service integrated pest management programs provide maximum brand protection while providing the pest solutions businesses need to remain safe and professional. Our success as a trusted pest management provider in a number of different industries has resulted in programs designed to meet and exceed specific client needs in every market segment.

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the industry best practice approach to pest management that uses all non-chemical methods of control prior to considering the use of pest management materials. The foundation of IPM is a thorough inspection. Inspection is the key to identifying the root cause of the problem, which can often be corrected with non-chemical means, for longer-term control.

Copesan takes pride in our Care pest management programs being built on a foundation of IPM that works for all industries.

Our Care programs are dedicated to protecting your reputation and environment while leveraging our network of local experts who understand your pest pressures. Care stands for Consistency, Accountability, Responsiveness and Effectiveness – hallmarks of our proven pest management solutions.

Our Values

Our commitment to excellence allows us to provide proven, consistent programs, differentiated by technology and local expertise, that minimize client pest concerns and deliver the best overall value. Each of our market-specific programs below provides a solid pest management foundation based on best practices that can be further adapted and customized to meet your unique needs.

​Signature Care® is a sophisticated pest management solution designed specifically for the food industry, keeping your facility audit-ready and FSMA compliant.

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Signature Care®

Copesan’s CARE Select™ food pest control program is designed to meet the needs of national grocery stores and food retailers.

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CARE Select food

Protect your customers and your brand with Culinary Care®, a comprehensive pest management program designed specifically for the foodservice environment.

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Culinary Care®

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