Specialized Pest Management Solutions

Specialized Pest Issues in Commercial Pest Management

If your facility is challenged with a fly infestation that just won’t quit, bed bugs are keeping your guests up at night, or birds consider your store signs their home, Copesan’s network of experts can help. We know birds, flies and bed bugs are some of the more challenging pests commercial environments confront, and we’ve got the proven expertise nationwide to take on – and eliminate – these unwelcome pest guests. Have a problem with nuisance wildlife or wood-destroying insects like termites, or a situation that requires fumigation? We have solutions for those too.

Copesan offers a variety of specialized pest management solutions for a variety of different industries. Whether you’re looking for a pest control program to lower the risk of pest infestation, or one to put an end to already-existing pests, our team of qualified experts can get the job done right.

Copesan’s comprehensive fly solutions ensure the only buzz about your business is good buzz.

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Fly Control

​Copesan’s comprehensive, strategic bed bug management service provides an aggressive, effective treatment program to ensure brand protection.

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Bed Bug Management