​Pest Management Resources

Copesan’s extensive network includes more than 100 degreed technical specialists, many of whom are internationally recognized experts in pest management and leaders in research, training, education and advancements in strategies for service delivery.

These experts regularly share their knowledge within the industry through trade publications, white papers and more. Much of their work is available here on our Resources page.

Wondering what’s crawling or flying around your facility? Check out our pest library to help you identify the insect, rodent or bird that has found its way inside.

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Pest Library

Articles, white papers and educational content written by our technical experts to help you expand your knowledge of important pest-related topics.

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These tiny pests can wreak havoc on your reputation. At Copesan we understand that your brand, customers and employees can be jeopardized by a single fly.

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Fly Control for Restaurants

Most pests become an issue when an environment offers three key ingredients – food, shelter and a place to breed. Birds are no exception.

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Bird Prevention