The strongest pest management programs are those built on a partnership between the client and the pest management provider. Both parties offer unique knowledge that will aid in the fight against pest pressure. While we are the pest experts, you and your employees know your business and your building the best.

For pest management programs to be effective, all client teams – including corporate members, store management and all employees – must be on the same page and actively engaged in working together against pest problems. Here are a few things to discuss with your employees so they are aware of the pest control efforts in place and are knowledgeable about their role within the program.

Engaging in Pest Prevention

While service technicians provide the expertise on inspection, exclusion and pest biology, there are some best practices that management and employees can implement every day to reduce the risk of pest infestations.

  • Inspect any incoming deliveries for pests or evidence of pest presence, such as droppings, bite marks, or nesting materials.
  • Do not prop open doors and windows.
  • Use a first in/first out (FIFO) system of stock rotation to avoid keeping any materials past their shelf life.
  • Eat only in designated areas to reduce the chance of leaving crumbs behind.
  • Maintain a clean environment and remove any unnecessary clutter from the building.

Sanitation and Cleaning

Sanitation and cleaning are critical components of pest prevention. Pests are in search of food, water and shelter, and if your business provides just one of those factors, it increases the risk of pest pressures. We recommend creating a regular cleaning schedule that all employees are aware of, and also scheduling deep cleaning to be done in addition to the regular tasks. The following cleaning tasks are a few examples of what employees can do to aid in sanitation efforts that help reduce pest attraction to your business:

  • Sweep up any crumbs and do not leave food out in employee break rooms
  • Wipe up any spills immediately
  • Do not leave wet or dirty mops out
  • Clean drains thoroughly, and use stiff brushes to reach places liquid cleaners cannot

Reporting and Communication with the Pest Control Technician

Encourage employees to report any issues to management so that information can be relayed to the pest management technician. Additionally, it is important for employees to report any pest sightings or pest evidence to management. Evidence of pest activity can include droppings, damaged product, nesting materials and rub marks.

Employees play a key role in keeping pests out of your facility. Educating your employees on the pest control efforts in place will keep the team engaged in pest prevention and can reduce the chance of infestation. To learn more about how Copesan partners with clients for effective pest management solutions, contact us!

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