While stored product pests tend to be small in size, the damage they are capable of creating can be quite large! These pests have the potential to harm your facility’s finances as well as tarnish its good reputation. Stored product pests can quickly destroy large amounts of stored grains, and other processed dry goods. By educating your staff and being able to rely on a professional pest control company with a quality stored product pest control program you can better protect your commercial facility and give yourself the peace of mind that your facility will remain pest free.

Types of Stored Pests

Depending on the products that are stored in your facility will determine what type of stored product pests will invade and the type of proactive pest control plan that will best suit your needs. Stored product pests can generally be divided into four different categories depending on which type of product they tend to infest.

  • Internal feeders – These types of pests feed on whole foods such as intact grain kernels, whole grains, and pasta. Pests in this group include rice weevils, Angoumois grain moths, and granary weevils, among others.
  • External feeders – These types of pests cannot break through the seed of whole grain products, so therefore only feed on broken or damaged grains. Pests in this group include cigarette and drugstore beetles that feed on items like tobacco, flour, cereals, and spices.
  • Scavengers – As their name suggest, this group of stored product pests are not picky about what they eat. They will ingest both damaged and processed grains, dried fruits, and other non-grain processed foods. Species of this group include sawtooth grain beetles, red flour beetles, and Indian meal moths.
  • Secondary feeders – This category of pests is found located in areas of high moisture and where mold problems are present. They feed on old, molded grain and other processed grains. These pests can include mealworms, flat grain beetles, and grain mites.

At Copesan we pride ourselves with providing our commercial customers with a high quality commercial pest management program for distribution and processing facilities that deal with food products. With our Signature Care® program that utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) we have formed superior food processing pest control options for our customers that are unlike many others. Our IPM specialists will customize a plan with you to ensure your facility’s needs, as well as the needs of the highly regulated food industry, are being met. This program provides a foundation of inspection services that will work to stop problems before they happen, ultimately protecting your reputation and brand.

For more information about warehouse beetle control or pest control in food processing facilities, don’t hesitate; contact the professionals at Copesan today. After speaking and working with our pest control specialists you will soon realize how important having a long-standing and open relationship with your pest management provider is to your business. Our professionals are dedicated to providing you, your staff and facility with individualized services to ensure that you unique wants and needs are met to their fullest and that your facility is safeguarded against stored product pests.