Spring weather and warmer temperatures has many focusing on spring cleaning, landscaping and yard work. However, when the snow finally begins disappearing and flowers start pushing through the ground, Copesan’s focus turns to increased calls for commercial pest management and pest prevention. The change in weather and awakening of wintering pests is when Copesan’s unparalleled expertise in the field of pest management becomes especially invaluable to business owners.

There are many common insects and pests that begin invading commercial buildings and businesses each spring – ranging from ants, flies and termites to mice and other rodents. Some of these pests require the services of professional pest management companies for total eradication. However, some can be controlled with a few pest prevention tips.

One of the ways Copesan’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialists begin preparing for warmer weather is by replacing the bulbs in Insect Light Traps (ILT’s). With warm weather comes a noticeable increase of flying insects and ILTs are very successful at catching flies and other winged insects before they become a major problem to your business. Even though the ILT bulbs are meant to remain functional for about a year, their effectiveness decreases after about 16 weeks of use. Changing the bulbs this time of year helps ensure they are most effective during the spring and summer invasion of insects. That way, as the effectiveness of the ILT bulbs gradually decreases in the fall and winter months, so does the presence of flying insects.

Copesan IPM Specialists also recommend the thorough inspection of windows and doors before warm weather hits to ensure any potential pest entry points are sealed. Things to check for include making sure all window and door screens are intact and free of holes and sealing all cracks or gaps that could allow for pest and rodent entry. Remember, even the smallest of holes or cracks can leave your facility vulnerable.

It’s also important to remove piles of cardboard boxes or stacks of cardboard and newspapers, which can provide optimal nesting locations for rodents. Trash containers should also be emptied on a regular basis and floors should be kept swept and free of spilled food or drinks to remove any attractants that might draw pests into your facilities. Keeping all lunch and break areas clean and food covered can also provide extra insurance for keeping pests away.

Even though these pest prevention tips can drastically reduce the infestation of pests, it is always important to invest in a preventative pest management program like those offered by Copesan. Copesan is an expert in commercial pest control and we have been focused on providing exceptional pest management service to commercial clients throughout North America since 1958. With more than 100 degreed technicians throughout our service area, we are leaders in research, training and education of pest management. Contact Copesan today to take care of all your pest management needs.

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