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9 12, 2014

Drain Flies And Your Business

As most business owners know, drain flies can be a real nuisance. These flies breed in drains or in standing water and are known for being a problem in commercial environments, especially commercial kitchens, bars, bathrooms and even hospitals. If you have a problem with drain flies in your facility, here is what you should know: [...]

15 09, 2014

Pest Proofing Tips For Commercial Kitchens

The kitchen and janitorial staff work hard to make sure there is healthy food and a very clean environment. Without them, and their sanitation practices, our food processing facilities, commercial kitchens and schools would be quickly overrun by any number of pests. Just the sheer size of a typical school would give any number of [...]

30 04, 2012

The Importance of German Cockroach Baiting

By Dr. Kathy Heinsohn To view this article as it appeared in PCT magazine, please click here. We seldom hear of German cockroach infestations as much as we did in the past. Bed bugs have pretty much stolen the pest management headlines! However, commercial kitchens and inner-city apartment dwellings continue to suffer from large German cockroach infestations. In [...]