""As most business owners know, drain flies can be a real nuisance. These flies breed in drains or in standing water and are known for being a problem in commercial environments, especially commercial kitchens, bars, bathrooms and even hospitals. If you have a problem with drain flies in your facility, here is what you should know:

Here’s What You Should Know

  • These pests may be destroyed for short periods of time with some do-it-yourself treatments, but if you don’t eliminate the situations that are allowing them to breed, you will continually have problems with drain flies.
  • These pests aren’t just a nuisance; they can pass diseases along to your employees and customers.
  • Flies are a turn off to customers and can cause you to fail sanitation audits. Not only are these pests an eyesore, but they can cause you to lose profit and customers.

The best way to avoid a drain fly problem is to have an effective pest management plan in place that keeps your property pest free for the long-term. This plan will help eliminate the areas in your facility that may be attracting drain flies or allowing them to breed.

Maintaining good sanitation can also help eliminate a drain fly problem in your facility, but it isn’t the only component of a successful pest management plan. Discuss your pest management options with a pest management professional at Copesan to learn more about how to proactively prevent a pest problem before it causes you to lose profit and customers.

Along with a good pest control plan in place, it is important to educate employees on ways to prevent pest problems. A pest management professional knows that working in your facility is not something to be done without the help of you and your employees. Most pest management plans include the assistance of those that work in the facility on a daily basis to make sure all pest control measures are met and all procedures completed.

To learn more about partnering with a Copesan pest specialist to keep your facility pest free at all times, please contact us today. We would be more than happy to discuss your pest management options and set up a plan that works for you.