Spring is known for being the time for rebirth and in the animal world, this becomes very obvious. Mother ducks with their babies tagging along can be seen at your nearest pond while insects like wasps or ants start pouring out of their nests as the weather warms up. If you are a business owner, pests control should definitely be high on your list of to dos this spring. One pest that may pose a serious problem for your commercial property or facility are pest birds, including pigeons, sparrows, grackles, starlings and many others.

How Pest Birds Can Become an Issue

In the spring, birds look for a good place to nest and lay their eggs. If they have found your facility or property to be an ideal location, they typically will build a nest on your property. Their nests could have eggs in them that are getting ready to hatch. Having pest birds like pigeons and swallows on your property can cause serious problems for your facility. These problems can include:

  • Damages to structures and property from bird excrement. Bird excrement is extremely acidic, which can be caustic to many types of structural materials and over time, can wear them away.
  • Dangers of customers or employees slipping on bird excrement, which can bring liability issues.
  • Nests and roosting problems can become structural concerns.
  • Birds are noisy and can interfere with everyday practices and activities on your property.
  • Birds spread diseases through their excrement and also harbor parasites.

If you have noticed pest birds spending more time on your property than usual, we would recommend contacting pest bird control professionals immediately. If birds are building nests and laying eggs, you want to have these birds evicted before their populations increase and they become even more of a problem.

At Copesan, our pest management professionals know how to get rid of birds. When you call one of our professionals, they can offer effective commercial bird control solutions that will help make your facility less attractive to pest birds. Through the use of netting, bird deterrent systems, repellents and other solutions, our professionals can help provide pest bird control, including pigeon control.

Spring is when birds begin looking for a good place to lay their eggs and start their families. Now is a good time to consider commercial bird control from the pest management professionals at Copesan. With many years of local experience and the ability to service national locations, Copesan is an excellent choice for all your commercial pest management needs.