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6 06, 2016

Rodenticide Act in California May Affect Rodent Control in Your State

Rodents like House mice, Norway rats and roof rats are one of the biggest threats to food safety and sanitation since they spread E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and other illnesses carried in their feces, urine, and saliva. Rodenticides are primary and effective first-line of defense against rodent infiltrations. Eliminating these rodent control methods without an equally [...]

2 03, 2016

[Tech Talk] Rodent Bait Stations as Pest Monitors

By Will Hansen Often, the preventive services we offer as pest management professionals are perceived as the sole solutions to our clients’ current pest issues. This should not always be the case; I look at the services we provide as, foremost, informational, then preventive and finally curative. One of the ways we have found to make [...]

28 05, 2015

The Challenge Of Commercial Rat Control

Protecting a business from rat intrusion can be a challenge. Pest rats--the most common being the roof rat and the Norway rat--are able to squeeze or chew their way through small gaps, walk across electric and telephone wires, fall from a height of 50 feet without being hurt, and leap up to four feet horizontally. But [...]

17 12, 2014

Why You Have Roof Rats

Do you have a roof rat problem? You’re not alone. These mammals with the Latin name Rattus rattus are widely distributed throughout the US and have been known to be called by several different monikers, including black rat and ship rat. They are more at home in warmer climates so are typically found in large [...]

22 10, 2014

What Type of Rodent is Pestering Your Commercial Business?

  This is the time of year when commercial establishments are most likely to become invaded with rodents. However, it is not enough to just realize you have rodents. Proper identification will greatly enhance your ability to eradicate and control the particular rodent in which you are dealing. Deer mice, house mice, Norway rats and roof rats are among [...]

14 10, 2014

Get Ready, Rodents Are On Their Way

If your business is in rural areas or close to grassy fields or crops, you can be sure to experience a mass influx of rodents during harvest season. Waterfront properties are also very common with mice and rat invasions. Without a pest management program in place, this mass invasion of rodents can overtake your facility [...]