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13 11, 2015

No Fly Zone: Birds Damage Property and Create Real Health Risks

CASE STORY: Believe it or not, the single, most famous problem ever solved at the Washington Monument involved the removal of pigeon droppings! An abundance of bird droppings were creating an unsightly, unpleasant experience for tourists, costing thousands in frequent chemical cleanup which subsequently led to building corrosion due to the harsh nature of the [...]

24 04, 2015

Clever Bird

Where are you in your opinion of pest birds? Do those pigeons, sparrows, grackles, starlings and other pest birds still amuse you or fill you with wonder? Or have you dealt with their droppings long enough? It is easy sometimes to forget how damaging these birds can be, especially when they do amazing things, like learn how to fly [...]

24 11, 2014

Tech Talk: Bird Management in Challenging Situations

Bird control can be difficult and dangerous to do because of the nature of the job. To evade predators and protect themselves from the elements, birds tend to nest in high, secluded areas that are sometimes difficult to access. Since birds are using these nests to raise their young, you are dealing with both adult [...]

27 05, 2014

Pest Birds Becoming More Business Savvy

There are several motivating factors that are directing businesses to search for commercial pest control methods to get rid of pigeons, starlings and sparrows. These birds, when in abundance, can create major problems for business owners. In some cases, property values of commercial facilities have decreased because of the infestation of birds. Business owners run the [...]

9 04, 2014

Why Your Business Should Prevent Birds Now

Spring is known for being the time for rebirth and in the animal world, this becomes very obvious. Mother ducks with their babies tagging along can be seen at your nearest pond while insects like wasps or ants start pouring out of their nests as the weather warms up. If you are a business owner, [...]